The Best Fitbit Blaze Black Friday Deals

In 2021 Black Friday will be 26th November. This is the day when you should be able to pick up some fantastic deals. But, I’ve been caught out in the past; not every deal is as good as it looks. That’s why I’ve taken the trouble to look for the best Fitbit Blaze Black Friday deal; so you don’t have to.

All you need to do is click and grab on the best deal possible. Personally I think this is the large black & silver option but that is just a matter of personal taste.

The simple fact is that from the moment my best friend and budding athlete warned me about the dangers of activity without monitoring your heart I was addicted to the smartwatch.

The Fitbit Blaze happens to be the best product on the market. It is stylish, accurate, reliable, and tracks a wide variety of sports. In short, it’s perfect!

Fitbit first started trading in 2007 and its dedication to health and fitness has ensured that it has not only survived the last 10 plus years but has become recognized as one of the best fitness watches in production.

Take advantage of the Fitbit Blaze Black Friday deals and start monitoring your own heart and fitness.

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch Large: Black & Silver

This is the sort of watch that you can wear with your suit to work and no one will even realize it’s a sports watch; it looks that good.

  • Links To Cell Phone To monitor calls
  • Multi-sport Tracking
  • Black & Silver


  • Tracking Ability

It doesn’t matter if you’re walking, jogging, cycling, or using your cross-trainer. The Fitbit Blaze large black & silver watch knows what activity you’re undertaking and monitors it accordingly.

You can then use the built-in smart tracking function to keep a record of all your workouts.

  • Recording Ability

Most smartwatches will give you your number of steps, distance traveled, and estimated calories burned. But this Fitbit Blaze will also give you pace, floors climbed, your heart rate, and even several other details that are worth recording and monitoring.

  • GPS

The Fitbit Blaze also has a built-in GPS system. This means you can’t get lost; even if you run off the normal path. You also can use this feature to track your routes, assess your performance, and even prepare new routes for your workouts.

  • Interchangeable Bands

One feature that I adore is the ability to change the band and customize the clock face. The serious and sophisticated look that accompanies my suit is transformed into a fun and vibrant look for the weekends; although it’s the same watch.


  • Long Term Wear

It is not advisable to wear this watch for a prolonged period. The pressure of it on your skin may cause irritation or skin damage. This will be made worse if you do the watch up too tight in the first place!

  • Small Issues

There have been reports that he watch stops working or that the steps tracker keeps going even when you’re not wearing it. That makes it hard to keep an accurate count of your steps!

I haven’t found these issues but it is worth being aware of them.

  • Cost

This is not the cheapest fitness watch on the market which is why it’s important to get a Black Friday deal and save yourself some money.

Of course, there are several colors to choose from; the black and silver is my favorite and why I’ll be keeping an eye on the best Fitbit Blaze Black Friday deal I can find.

But you can also choose from plum & silver, blue & silver or even gunmetal.

That’s just the Fitbit Blaze. There are plenty of other activity trackers from Fitbit and other companies that you can consider getting on a Black Friday deal.

Although the deals may not be finalized yet the following were offered in a promotion for Black Friday last year and are likely to be offered again this year.

If you’re looking for a great Black Friday deal then you may want to consider one of these fitness trackers/smartwatches:

The Fitbit Charge 3

This is the very latest offering from Fitbit. It was released in August this year so it’s possible that it won’t make the grade for the Black Friday deals. But, Fitbit will want sales…

The upgraded version of the Charge 2 retains the features of its predecessor but with an array of excellent upgrades.

It still counts steps; calories burned, monitors your heart, and connects to your smartphone. But it is also water-resistant to 50m. This means you can wear it in the shower and use it to track your swimming activities.

It also records your light, deep, and REM sleep to help you understand how well your body is really resting. The Charge 3 gives you breathing exercises and tracks multiple sports. It will also monitor your heart rate and give you a cardio fitness level as well as a connected GPS and link with your smartphone. You may not be able to access your apps but you can check messages, calls, and your calendar. You can also make payments via your Charge 3.

It’s also worth noting that there is a range of Fitbit accessories that can be added to your Charge 3 and you can customize your clock face.

Fitbit Versa

The Charge 3 is a relatively slim line watch-style activity tracker. The Versa is distinctively chunkier. In fact in many respects this looks more like a traditional digital watch; which may be just what you want.

It offers the same features as the Charge 3; steps, calories burned, floors climbed, sleep tracking, and guided breathing sessions. Of course, it also shows the time and gives you a reminder to move.

You can also take the Charge 3 into the shower and the pool with you; it has a depth of 50m and offers connected GPS, heart rate tracking, and the same smartwatch functions as the Charge 3.

However,the Versa goes a little further than the Charge 3 when connecting to your smartphone. It will allow you to access your apps and your music. You can also get designer accessories alongside the usual Fitbit ones.

If those few extras are important to you then you need to watch this space and get a great Black Friday deal on the Fitbit Versa.

Garmin Vivofit HR

Fitbit could be considered the founder of the activity tracker but they are certainly not the only ones making these products today.

The Vivofit will give you a daily goal which you can personalize. It will also remind you throughout the day to keep moving; helping to ensure you reach your goal. As is normal for most fitness trackers it counts your steps and monitors your sleep as well as showing you calories burned and the overall distance you traveled. Providing you purchase the HR version it will also monitor your heart rate.

A nice extra feature is the ability to show you the intensity of your workout. It will show you the time and date while connecting to your smartphone to allow you access to your texts, calls, emails, calendar, and your social media alerts. In fact, you can even access your calendar and control your music/camera with the Vivofit. A vibration and beep will alert you to any event happening on a connected app. This makes it a very useful tool as you don’t need to get your phone out of your pocket or bag.

It s worth noting that the bands come in different sizes; you should check which size will fit you best before you buy the Vivofit  on a Black Friday deal.

Letscom Fitness Tracker

This may be a brand that you’re not familiar with but it has done surprisingly well in durability tests and has a good range of features. It’s already at an attractive price but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t get a good Black Friday deal; making it perfect for anyone wanting to ease themselves into a little more exercise.

The Letscom Fitness Tracker is a stylish traditional style fitness band available in a choice of colors and capable of monitoring your heart rate and tracking your sleep patterns.

It also records your daily activity, including steps walked, calories burned, distance traveled and time spent active.

Perhaps more impressive is the fact that it offers connected GPS and 14 exercise modes; helping you to understand your data. You can even connect it to your smartphone to check how fast and far you’ve run; along with a map of the route you’ve taken.

Once connected to your smartphone you’ll be able to access your calls, messages, calendar, and check your social media status / new messages.

As with most of the activity trackers it charges via a USB and should last approximately a week between charges.

This is a great introduction to activity trackers and one that you could get for an impressive price this Black Friday.

Get The Best Fitbit Blaze Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is no longer just one day. Increasing numbers of retailers are having week-long sales in order to shift the maximum number of products.

Pick your favorite Fitbit Blaze today and keep your eyes on this deal; it could go down further in price. All you need to do then is seize the deal and get yourself a great Fitbit Blaze Black Friday deal. That’s what I’m going to do with the black & silver version of the Fitbit Blaze.

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