Spin Bike vs Exercise Bike: Which One Is For You?

We all know that riding bike is an excellent form of exercise. Yeah, we did it because it was something fun to do with our friends as kids. But in the process, it kept us from becoming the ‘husky’ kid in class. However, while we can’t be the husky kid in class, we can still … Read more

The Best Gym Equipment Brands in the World

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Star Trac Recumbent Bike Reviews

Exercise is something we all know we need, but let’s be honest about it— exercise is usually not much fun. Running is fun when you are playing soccer, football, or baseball, but on a treadmill? No way! Riding a bike was a blast when you were a kid, but the seats are so small (and something … Read more

Learn About The Best Exercise Equipment For Bad Back

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What is the Best Home Recumbent Bike?

For those of you who are unaware, yes—there is a difference between the Best Home Recumbent Bike and the commercial ones that gyms use. If I’m buying one for home, I think I would have to go with the . But wait— is there really that much of a difference between one intended for home use … Read more

Exerpeutic 900 xl vs. 1000 – Which Is The Best For You?

There are different types of exercise bikes, two of them are the recumbent and the standard. Both are excellent for building leg and core strength. But if you have a bad lower back or degenerative disc disease then the recumbent is the one you want. But which exact model? When looking at the vs 1000 I can … Read more

Best Exercise Bike Under 200

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Discover The Best Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bike To Improve Your Fitness

I love cycling and running through the summer. The air is warm, the early mornings are picturesque and even the pain of pushing my limits seems almost pleasurable. But then the fall arrives and winter rapidly backs it up. Despite my best intentions it becomes difficult to maintain the schedule. That’s why I started looking … Read more