Exercise Bike vs Treadmill: Which Should You Use?

Sometimes exercise equipment is confusing. Many people are unsure of what piece is best for them. Today we look at the exercise bike vs treadmill. For most users, I’d recommend the treadmill. It’s been the most useful cardio equipment over my years of competing. The bike is better for those with joint problems, or training specifically … Read more

Spin Bike vs Exercise Bike: Which One Is For You?

We all know that riding bike is an excellent form of exercise. Yeah, we did it because it was something fun to do with our friends as kids. But in the process, it kept us from becoming the ‘husky’ kid in class. However, while we can’t be the husky kid in class, we can still … Read more

Best Exercise Bike Under 200

Exercise bikes are everywhere these days, and there are a variety of different types available too. With many people choosing a bike over a treadmill,  today we’re going to look at the best exercise bike under 200. That limits the selection, but I’ve broken it down for you into a few different picks. That way … Read more

Discover Which Is The Best Exercise Bike Under 500

The top-end exercise bikes cost well in excess of $500. But, this does not mean you need to spend a huge amount of funds on a bike. You can read this guide to discover what is the best exercise bike under 500 that is perfect for newbie’s and intermediate level fitness fanatics. My personal preference … Read more

The Best Exercise Bike Under 500

Buying an exercise bike is a great way of helping you to stay in shape through the winter months. Let’s face it, when it’s cold and wet outside you don’t want to be running, cycling, or even heading to the gym. Fortunately with the you don’t need to. In my opinion, this is the best … Read more