The Best Fitbit Blaze Black Friday Deals

In 2021 Black Friday will be 26th November. This is the day when you should be able to pick up some fantastic deals. But, I’ve been caught out in the past; not every deal is as good as it looks. That’s why I’ve taken the trouble to look for the best Fitbit Blaze Black Friday … Read more

Best Garmin for Triathlon

Triathlons are grueling tests of fitness and willpower. They test your capability to run, swim and cycle – one after the other! This type of event is very demanding. Some people focus on improving one area at a time, whilst others use an overall approach. Either way, you can only know if you’re improving or … Read more

What is the Best Fitbit for Nurses?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know just how many steps you do take during a shift? How many calories did you burn as well? With the right Fitbit, you can! After many hours of research and interviews with some of the best nurses nationwide we can recommend the  as the Best Fitbit for Nurses, mainly … Read more

Best Fitness Gadgets

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the best fitness gadgets available in the fitness sector. Technology is one of those areas that are under constant development and improvement. Not only that, but it also moves at an incredibly fast pace. Equipment with new or improved features is always being developed and released. … Read more

What is the Best Suunto Watch for Military?

Are you after a reliable, durable, and supremely functional military watch. If so, you’ll be very interested to learn what the best Suunto watch for military uses has to offer. When you’re out on expeditions, being able to use the right watch can become incredibly useful, and even lifesaving. The is our top pick due to … Read more

Discover The Best Fitness Watch For Triathletes

Are you training for a triathlon? Then you need to discover the best fitness watch for triathletes that will work effortlessly with you to help you achieve your goal. Fortunately, the aptly named  offers everything you need; whether you’re a professional, training for the fun of it or looking to do your first local event. … Read more

Best Garmin Watch For Hiking – Your Essential Guide

A watch would not always have been the first thing you think of when preparing for a hike. But the capabilities of the  will soon have it at the top of your list. It is the best Garmin watch for hiking. I know from experience! I’ve been lucky enough to try a few different watches … Read more

Best Swimming Stopwatch

Swimming is a hugely competitive and popular sport. In keeping with this high level of competition, tracking results, and training progress is extremely common. These stats are utilized to both track and improve performance. Of course, to do this you need a good, accurate stopwatch. The stopwatch also needs a couple of extra considerations, such … Read more

Discover the Best Fitbit For Seniors To Improve Your Health

As you age everyone tells you that your metabolism will start to slow, you’ll lose muscle and the aches and pains will increase. But this isn’t the only way! I have firsthand experience of my parents becoming younger as they tried out a variety of Fitbits. In fact, after trying several of them, I am confident … Read more

Best Heart Rate Monitor for Rowing

Rowing gives a great total body workout. It uses all of the main muscle groups with an emphasis on your legs and back. On top of this, it’s a great cardio workout too, burning a large number of calories by using so much of the body and requiring constant movement. Rowing can be used to … Read more