Exerpeutic 900 xl vs. 1000 – Which Is The Best For You?

There are different types of exercise bikes, two of them are the recumbent and the standard. Both are excellent for building leg and core strength. But if you have a bad lower back or degenerative disc disease then the recumbent is the one you want. But which exact model? When looking at the vs 1000 I can … Read more

Which is the Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for Seniors?

A great way to get that exercise is by riding a bike, but not just any old bike—a recumbent bike. But some are better for certain people than others. So, which is the best recumbent exercise bike for seniors? According to the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association “regular physical activity, … Read more

Learn About The Best Exercise Bike For Arthritic Knees

Once you start exercising you’ll realize both how much better you feel and how any issues those round you already have. That was certainly my experience as I raved about my new routine; only to find my dad was struggling with exercise thanks to his knees.It got me thinking about ways to make it easier … Read more