The Ultimate Guide To Help You Discover The Best Tri Suits Men’s

There is one thing you notice when you first try one of the best tri suits men’s such as the ones on this list. That is the right equipment can make a surprising difference to your time.

At first, I was wary about switching from my conventional wetsuit followed by shorts but as the hardcore tri-athletes will tell you, a wet suit isn’t required. You can wear either a one-piece tri suit or a two-piece. The choice is personal but, having tested several options; I am confident that the one-piece HUUB DS suit is the best tri suit men’s currently available.

Of course, you still need to invest in the best possible tri running shoes and decide if you want separate bike shoes or not.

HUUB DS Suit – The Best But Only For The Serious Tri-athlete

This suit is named the DS in a reflection of Dave Scott’s involvement in its creation. Dave Scott is the 6 time Kona champion. The cost of research and development makes this one of the most expensive tri suits on the market. But that is also the reason it is one of the best tri suits men’s.

  • Uses LD Chamois to rotate the design and incorporate bike fit.
  • Seam free arms and leg opening
  • Rear pockets covered to increase aerodynamics
  • Longer sleeves also improve the aerodynamics
  • Available in S, M, or large and weighs 200g.


  • Comfort

The HUUB DS has been designed to be the best tri suits men’s or even the women’s offering; It is made from specially designed French material which ensures it fits perfectly every time.

In fact, the material is designed to quickly remove sweat while reflecting the sun’s rays. This should reduce temperature buildup inside the suit while the inbuilt mesh panels will help to keep you cool as you run and cycle your way around the course.

It is worth noting that the hems are elasticized to minimize water ingression and prevent the suit from riding up as you race.

You’ll also notice that it incorporates the cold black panel. This is what reflects the UV and UB rays away from your body. It also looks great!

The chamois is designed for riding your bike hard. It has padding which matches the position you adopt when racing and helps the air to slip over you.

Of course, the fact that it is seam-free also helps to ensure it remains comfortable.

  • Long Zip

The front of the HUUB DS tri suit features a long zip. This makes it much easier to open and close the suit while on the route. It can also assist in the quick release of hot air when you’re running flat out and can feel your temperature rising.

The fact that it is a long zip with a large zipper means that it is easy to grip even on colder days or if you’re wearing gloves.

  • Aerodynamics

Nothing has been left to chance with this tri suit. The longer sleeves mean that the air will flow over your body better as you race.

The material and elasticized hems also help to improve the aerodynamics of the HUUB DS; as does the flap over your rear pocket.


  • Cost

There is no doubt that this is one of the best tri suits for men but it is also one of the most expensive. This is aptly due to the research that has gone into the product and the name which is attached to it.

It is certainly not a suit for the first time tri-athlete.

  • See Through

This may not bother you but it is worth considering that the HUUB DS is fairly see-through. Most athletes will agree your friends and family don’t need to see that much of your body hair.

RunBreeze Men’s Triathlon Suit – Great For Those New To The Sport

This is a great budget offering to help you get started in the sport. The RunBreeze is good enough that you’ll notice a difference in your time.  However, it is also well enough priced that it won’t break the bank.

  • Italian Made Fabric; 92% polyester / 8% Elastane
  • Chlorine resistant – making it okay for pool swimming
  • Comfortable fit
  • Zip protector and comfort neck design


  • Comfort

There is no doubt that the RunBreeze is comfortable. The Italian fabric makes sure of that. It is also fast drying and will not move as you race; allowing you to focus on your times and not the comfort of your suit.

That’s pretty impressive for a budget tri suit.

But, it should be noted that there is minimal padding for the cycling section of the race.

  • Durable

The RunBreeze is designed not to degrade in chlorine; this is a refreshing change to many of the tri suits on the market.

The additional durability of chlorine resistance with the neoprene fabric means that the suit could last you for years.

  • Ergonomic

You’ll notice as soon as you pull this tri suit on that it uses compression to adhere to your body. This is a great way to ensure the suit fits, stays in place and helps the circulation of blood at the same time.

Combine this with a seamless finish and a zip that can be undone as far as the middle of your chest; and you have the perfect range of options to keep you comfortable in every stage of your race.

You may also be interested to note that there is a hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial pad included which helps to ensure the cycling section is comfortable.

Even the pockets for store energy bars is covered by a flap to prevent it slowing you down; while still being easy to access.

  • UV Protection

You don’t need to worry about sun cream when you’re using this suit. It has built-in UV screening; of course the suit doesn’t cover your arms. If you’re concerned you should still put sun cream on them.


  • Small Sizing

It is worth noting that the sizes are snug. You may need to buy the next size up to your usual one. It is definitely worth checking before you purchase your RunBreeze Triathlon suit.

  • No Buoyancy

Although it is made from neoprene it does not have air pockets built into it. This means the suit will make you streamlined but it won’t help you to stay afloat.

Buoyancy in suits has been shown to increase your speed; especially if you’re in a slightly downward position.

  • Potential Zip Issue

There have been several reports of the zip started to feel vulnerable after just a few uses. This may or may not be an issue depending on how you handle the RunBreeze and what you expect from it.

Synergy Triathlon Tri Suit – Best Value For Money

This is a fantastic option for those that have been competing in triathlons for some time and are now looking to up their game.

You can get this sleeveless suit in an array of colors depending on how prominent you want to be in the race.

  • NeoGel Pad & Anti-microbial Fleece
  • Flatlock stitching
  • Semi-compression construction
  • Water Repellant


  • Durable

The stitching on this Synergy tri suit is triple stitched flatlock with chemical bonding. It won’t let you down when you need it the most.

  • Comfortable

The Synergy triathlon suit has large arm homes to ensure maximum comfort while you swim or run. It is very aerodynamic and has AquaLift panels to ensure flexibility and buoyancy. This will not just keep you comfortable it will help you to float higher which will improve your speed when swimming.

The suit is also very lightweight with a gel pad on the bottom to help keep you comfortable on the long rides. The material also has a velvety feel to ensure comfort. It even uses silicone leg grippers to ensure the suit stays in place without chaffing.

  • Water Repellant

This tri suit absorbs less water than a traditional wetsuit thanks to its specially designed lining.


  • Thinness Of Suit

It is important to be aware that this is a thin suit. The Synergy tri suit is designed for warm water swimming and will help you to improve your times. But, it will not be as beneficial if you are looking to go deep underwater or swim in cold water.

For that you’d be better off with a proper wet suit.

  • Sizing

Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to get the right size. It is not possible to say that you will be a certain size. You’ll have to try the Synergy tri suit on in order to make sure you have the best possible fit.

The Best Tri Suits Men’s

Best tri suits mens
Best tri suits mens

All 3 of these suits are excellent for competitive triathletes. However, each of them has its place; according to your budget, current performance level, and what your aims are.

Choosing the best tri suits men’s is not always an easy task. Fortunately, you now have all the info you need to select the right suit for your current level of fitness and where you want it to be.

This is why you should consider these factors before you choose your tri suit. For me, there is no competition. The HUUB DS is the best choice; it has improved my times in all sections of the race and I’m confident it will do the same for you.

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